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BIS Safety Software

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All the health and safety solutions you need, within one application

A few of the 1,100+ clients who utilize the BIStrainer EHS Software

About BIS Safety

We create technology that improves workplace safety

We are committed to creating health & safety solutions that work together seamlessly and can also integrate into your existing safety and HR solutions.
Learning Management

Learning Management

Manage the training for your entire organization, even your contract workers!

Digital Forms BIS Safety Software UK

Digital Forms

Use form templates from the template library or make them custom. There are almost no limits!

Asset Management BIS Safety Software

Asset Management

Keep your company assets in order. Assign maintenance schedules, scan QR codes for easy access, and more!

EHS software solutions
How we're different

A Comprehensive Safety Solution to Improve Workplace Safety

While numerous excellent EHS software options exist, many address only specific challenges.

The BIStrainer system consolidates various functionalities in one location, facilitating the creation of digital forms, employee training and certificates, assessment of competencies, and reporting and management of incidents.

Our promise

Our singular goal is to help improve your company safety

Utilize BIStrainer to guarantee that your entire workforce, including employees and contractors, receives training, demonstrates competency, and is prepared to evaluate hazards and mitigate incidents. Achieve these tasks with reduced administrative workload!

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Connect Your Safety Program Across Every Locations

Unified Solutions

Sync Safety Software

Through APIs, we can assist in linking your payroll platform, HR software, and BIStrainer OHS software into a unified system, consolidating all your data in a centralized location for easy accessibility.

Sync Your Payroll

Sync Your Human Resources

Sync Your Safety

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Client Feedback
“I find that the online support is exceptional! They are friendly and very helpful. They do an excellent job of explaining everything... I would highly recommend BIS training to anyone who is looking to enhance their safety program.”

EHS Software Solutions
Susan S.
“Tech support is amazingly helpful and if they aren't able to answer my question or address my concern they take it to the rest of the team and get back to me, usually the same day. Moving the education system out of the classroom and online is saving us significant amounts of time and money.”

Robert W.

4.8 stars - 46 Reviews

4.8 stars - 51 Reviews

4.9 stars - 56 Reviews

Bring your safety program under one digital roof. Get in touch today!