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Incident Management Software

Incident Management Software

Discover ways to enhance incident reporting and investigations within your organisation.

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Incident Reporting and Data

  • Monitoring incidents and analyzing patterns.
  • Thorough examination of workflows for every incident investigation.
  • Understanding the origins, timing, and sites of incidents.
  • Taking proactive steps to prevent, report, and address incidents.
  • Managing incident severity effectively.
  • Providing smooth updates for senior management.
  • Enhancing overall safety in the company and workplace.

These functionalities aim to streamline your system, providing swift access to data and trends. Such insights offer valuable confirmation or enhancement of incident management policies in daily operations.

Additional Incident Reporting Features

  • Automated Workflow for Investigations
  • Email Notifications with Escalation
  • Compatibility with Mobile Devices
  • Oversight of Corrective Actions
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics
  • Conducting Root Cause Analysis

Keep Track of Incidents & Near Misses

Utilise incident management software for straightforward recording and structuring of comprehensive incident details. This web-based platform facilitates the monitoring of incident categories, like:

environmental incidents




property damage

and more

Moreover, you have the capability to link relevant image, documents, hyperlinks, and files for easy access in one location.

Analyze the Root Cause of Incidents

  • Perform an in-depth analysis of the root causes by monitoring various potential factors and sub-factors contributing to the incident.
  • Collect evidence, details, and data to identify the most relevant underlying cause to be included in the incident report.
incident management software on tablet and mobile

Assign Corrective Actions

  • Streamline corrective action management by conducting comprehensive risk assessments, incident investigations, and root cause analyses
  • Assign and track corrective actions from any device, ensuring their accurate and timely completion
  • Configure email notifications to escalate if corrective actions are not finalized within the designated timeframe

Robust Reporting and Analytics

  • Utilize pre-configured reports to promptly visualize workplace safety performance across various indicators
  • Generate customized reports to delve deeper into critical incident metrics and improve visibility

Timely Updates for Senior Management

  • Automatically alert relevant parties, including EHS personnel and managers, upon filing an incident report
  • Distribute incident summary reports to specified individuals within your organization
  • Initiate an automated investigation workflow and escalate approval processes based on the appropriate chain of command for involved employees
  • Create assignment emails for convenient access and updating of incident records
  • Set up reminders to ensure prompt action before and after assignment due dates.
    Maintain a detailed history of incident approvals and rejections, capturing comments from all contributors
SafeTapp smartphone app for BIStrainer

SafeTapp 2.0​

Making EHS Mobile Accessible

Enhance your OH&S management system with a unified safety application. SafeTapp delivers a comprehensive solution, granting you effortless access to vital features such as:

Guarantee the accessibility of your training certificates by downloading and storing them on your smartphone or tablet device.

Take Incident Reporting Up a Notch

Maximize and secure your workflows by leveraging state-of-the-art incident management software today!