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Toolbox Talk Software

Toolbox Talk Software

Improve your daily safety talks!

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Safety Briefings with Online Toolbox Talks

Daily toolbox talks play a vital role in maintaining employee and contractor safety!

Reviewing recent safety incidents and exchanging measures for prevention

Ensuring that safety issues remain a daily priority for all team members

Informing employees about recent updates in safety protocols

Fostering a culture of safety among your team members

With the digital toolbox talk templates provided by BIStrainer, you streamline the preparation process by filling out the talks directly in the templates. The attendance feature allows for monitoring of team member participation in each session, and the GPS feature marks the location of each talk. This structured information is securely saved in your cloud storage, making it easily accessible for demonstrating compliance, diligence, or accountability when required.

Employee & Contractor Attendance

With Online Toolbox Talks

The electronic toolbox talk form includes a unique attendance tracking feature to ensure meticulous record-keeping and verify the participation of all employees in safety briefings. This tool enables workers to digitally sign off on their presence, providing a reliable method to confirm attendance at each meeting.

Toolbox Talk Software

Toolbox Talks Software Features

Digital Sign-offs

Mobile and tablet friendly

Use templates for future toolbox talks

Create pre-shift checklists

Maintain a record of attendance

Review reporting on previous toolbox talks

Online Toolbox Briefings are Available for Daily Use

Online toolbox talks serve as an efficient alternative when in-person safety meetings aren’t feasible, delivering crucial safety guidance to employees across various industries like Oil & Gas, Construction, Transportation, Mining, etc., that have stringent safety standards.

These virtual briefings incorporate interactive elements to maintain participant engagement and include quizzes to evaluate their understanding of the material. For organizations requiring regular, widespread toolbox talks, the digital format offers significant savings in time and resources.

Even when in-person meetings are achievable, using digital documentation helps maintain uniformity, organization, and proper recording of the sessions.

An image showing construction software on a tablet and mobile device. In this case it is a field level hazard assessment form.

Ready to Utilize Toolbox Talk Software?

Step 1 - Reach Out to Us

To start utilizing our Toolbox Talk software, reach out to our team today! They will answer all your questions and help get the setup process underway.

Step 2 - We Launch Your Portal

We will create and launch a custom portal for your company, with your logo, brand colours, and other details!

Step 3 - Onboarding

Our committed team of experts will assist you during the onboarding journey, making sure your organization can fully leverage its capabilities.

SafeTapp smartphone app for BIStrainer

Mobile Accessibility

SafeTapp 2.0​

This easy-to-use safety application boosts your health and safety management efforts. Offering a suite of crucial functionalities conveniently accessible from your device, it places key safety resources right at your fingertips.

The best part? You can download and store your training certificates on any smartphone or tablet. SafeTapp 2.0 is your comprehensive safety companion, simplifying your safety management system and ensuring your workforce stays informed and compliant.

Use Toolbox Talk Software to Boost Daily Company Safety!

Building and maintaining a robust safety culture is crucial. Kicking off each day with regular toolbox briefings that are enhanced, documented, and backed by software offers a solid foundation!