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Pre-Trip Inspection Software

Pre-Trip Inspection Software

Every pre-trip inspection is stored securely in a central location

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Pre-Trip Inspections

The process of conducting pre-trip inspections can be challenging, and keeping records in traditional filing systems complicates data retrieval and trend analysis. The physical burden of managing paperwork, such as the inconvenience of carrying clipboards and pens, is less efficient compared to contemporary alternatives, and the risk of misplacing documents may lead to regulatory non-compliance.

This is where pre-trip inspection software comes in. With our software tool, you can convert your paper pre-trip inspections into a digital form. Every completed form is stored within the system and anyone with the right permissions can access and review them or look at trend data from the reporting widget.

Vehicle Inspections - Online

By adopting electronic forms for pre-trip inspections, the efficiency of the inspection process is significantly enhanced. Drivers can now fill out forms on their tablets or smartphones instead of relying on traditional clipboards. Furthermore, our integrated form builder tool streamlines form creation and customization, enabling users to effortlessly design their forms with the help of widgets.

Form Customization

Our Forms functionality offers pre-designed templates for pre-trip inspections as well as the flexibility to create bespoke forms. These digital forms are equipped to accommodate comprehensive details by enabling the inclusion of extensive inspection items like the vehicle's battery, engine, axles, safety gear, tires, brakes, among others. They can feature a variety of input types such as checkboxes, dropdown menus, Likert scales, timestamps, and text boxes. To further enrich the forms, video tutorials and digital signature fields can be integrated. Additionally, it's possible for drivers to attach videos or photos during their inspections, providing a precise record of their observations.

Form Automation

After setting up a form, it's possible to distribute it to select team members or groups, organized by their roles within the company or their geographic locations. Additionally, forms can be allocated to particular pieces of equipment for pre-trip inspections. The system facilitates automatic alerts to guarantee that employees undertake their pre-trip inspections consistently, whether daily or as per a predefined timetable. The platform is capable of dispatching text messages directly to their mobile devices, providing immediate access for them to fill out and submit the necessary forms.

Data and Reporting

Once inspection forms are filled out and submitted, they provide critical insights that can be leveraged to improve operational processes. These completed forms are immediately accessible, allowing you to retrieve copies of the reports at any time and in a format that suits your needs. Our system supports exports in easily manageable Excel and CSV formats, featuring key details like truck and trailer numbers, odometer readings, items that have cleared the inspection, and those needing urgent attention. The transition to digital reporting facilitates real-time monitoring of vital business metrics. With just a click, you can monitor compliance with inspection protocols and pinpoint frequent equipment issues identified during the inspections.

Centralized Storage

By using the BIStrainer pre-trip inspection software, you can overcome the challenges that are common with paper forms and inspections:

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No Lost Forms

The traditional method of paper documentation carries the inherent risk of documents being misplaced or lost. Our digital solution mitigates this risk by immediately capturing and securely storing all your data in the cloud. This ensures that crucial information is always safeguarded and readily accessible, eliminating the worry of loss or misplacement.

Notifications and Alerts

The form builder tool is engineered to streamline communication by sending automatic alerts to appropriate team members. This feature allows you to delegate forms directly to employees, empowering fleet managers and supervisors with instant updates on vehicle status, eliminating the necessity for traditional phone calls or manual reporting.

Want to Get Started?

The Digital Form component is a crucial part of our Pre-Trip Inspection application, which digitally archives your organization's maintenance records, making paper records obsolete. Conducting consistent pre-trip inspections aids in averting driver negligence. For details on pricing, we invite you to consult our Contact Us page. Our representatives will provide a customized quote for this feature and any additional modules that meet your business needs.

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