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Online Course Reseller Program

Reseller Program

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Online Course and Software
Reseller Program

Interested in offering courses directly from your website?

Developing online courses, acquiring or constructing an LMS for delivery, and setting up an e-commerce system to handle online transactions can be a significant and costly endeavor. Save yourself the hassle, headaches, and expenses by letting us handle everything for you.

If you are operating in the UK, US, Canada, or Australia and have online courses you’d like to integrate into the BIStrainer library, reach out to us for more details on becoming a Course Owner.

Shared Client Referral Program

Introduce a potential client to the BIS team, and you have the opportunity to earn continuous commission!

Step 1:

Introduce the BIS team to a potential software client.

Step 2:

If the prospective client signs on, you will receive regular commissions .

Step 3:

Introduce the BIS team to even more prospects and you will continue to receive more commissions when they sign on.

Benefits of the Reseller Program

Our Resellers receive many benefits, like:

Earn commissions on each course sale through your website

Reach more customers from all over the world

There are no ongoing monthly fees

We promote your company on our partner page

The course library on BIStrainer is always growing

You will be part of a rapidly expanding group of training providers

Three Quick Steps to Start

With just three simple steps, we can setup your company with a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution to offer a wide range of premium online safety training courses directly from your website. We handle the setup of the portal, provide technical support, and manage system administration, allowing you to concentrate on promoting this excellent new service to your customers.

Step 1:

You get to choose specific course from the BIStrainer library to sell, or simply sell them all from your website!

Step 2:

We set you up with a branded portal. All you have to do is send us a logo and preferred colours. Your portal will also link to your website.

Step 3:

Once you approve the custom portal, we will make it live and  your clients can start buying training courses!

A Turnkey System

Receive a personalized online portal, branded to your specifications, that serves as a comprehensive platform for managing your customers. This portal empowers your customers to handle their internal training, store and retrieve training records, make purchases of courses. Enhancing loyalty and brand recognition, your customers will always see your corporate branding, including your company logo and colours.

The integration of the store with your website is tailored to present a seamless purchasing experience for your customers, and the appearance is customized to enhance the process further. For secure credit card verification and processing, we utilize Moneris, one of the largest credit card payment processors in North America, jointly backed by RBC Financial Group and BMO Financial Group. Customers can confidently make purchases using Mastercard, Visa, or American Express credit cards, ensuring a secure and worry-free transaction experience.

When you join as a reseller you get access to:

  • unbranded sales and marketing tools including:
    • software comparison sheets,
    • unbranded brochures,
    • software feature sheets,
    • PowerPoint decks
  • Insights on improving your portal’s search engine optimization
  • and even more

Easily incorporate your own branding into any of the materials we offer, or alternatively, we can uniquely brand any specific items you require at a significantly lower cost than creating custom materials from the ground up.

On every course purchase on your website, an automated email notification will be sent to you. Furthermore, to facilitate the reconciliation of individual transactions, you will receive comprehensive monthly reports containing the following details:

  • Courses that sold
  • Name of purchaser
  • Purchaser contact information
  • Training completion dates

As a reseller, you have some flexibility on what pricing you list the training for on your site. Want to offer a sale on certain training courses? Go for it! You make a percentage of every sale through your website and you can discount the courses up to the total percentage of the course sale you earn. Just as an example, let’s say you earn 25% of the course price as a commission when it is sold. You are therefore free to discount courses on your website up to a maximum of 25% off because the discounted amount will simply come from your commission. So you can choose if you want to reduce your commission slightly to encourage more sales and awareness for your store.

Reseller custom training portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The personalized portal mirrors the appearance of your website with custom branding, featuring navigational links such as ‘Contact Us’ for seamless integration. Within this portal, an online store is incorporated, offering a range of courses and products for your customers to explore, add to their shopping carts, and purchase. Once they are ready to complete the transaction, customers can input their credit card details in our secure and encrypted system. Following payment, our system generates an email receipt containing codes corresponding to each purchased course. These codes can be utilized for personal use or shared with others.

We prioritize the safeguarding of personal information. In the capacity of the course seller, you are provided with the complete name and contact details of the individual who has completed the course. For auditing and certificate tracking purposes, the Course Owner is furnished with the user’s name, course completion date, and score. No information enabling contact with your customer is disclosed. As the technical support providers for the system, we have access to user information but solely utilize it to offer assistance. Your customers are always only your customers.

Sales can vary by reseller. Some resellers engage minimally, while others take on more active roles. It hinges on factors such as the volume of website traffic you receive and your Google ranking for crucial sales-related phrases like “Online WHMIS” or “Online First Aid.” Additionally, it is influenced by your website’s course marketing setup, the extent of promotion for online courses to your customer base, and the nature of your business. If your website already attracts visitors seeking safety training, the likelihood of achieving favourable sales results rises.

The certification is issued by the course-owning company. For instance, if your customer buys the Hydraulic Safety Maintenance Level course, their certification comes from the Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada. Upon completion of the Safe Rigging and Slinging course, the certification is provided by Crane Safety. The wallet card or completion certificate bears the Course Owner’s logo, acknowledging them as the recognized training provider. Your company’s name is included on the certificate or wallet card as an authorized seller.

Reselling on the BIStrainer network is only open to companies within the UK, US, Canada, and Australia at the moment.

We are always looking to expand the network, so we may be able to bring on resellers from other countries in the near future.

Partner Feedback
“The effective business solutions developed by BIS are the most effective safety training and business solutions for all types of industry no matter what they may be. Without a doubt BIS is superior in all aspects of business. It is with extreme gratitude that I promote them in anyway possible, as they have helped spread the culture of safety.”
Robin Weatherill
Vice-President, Safety Canada Limited
"BIS Training is a young professional organization that is out beating all the competition... Their Training environment continues to evolve, with more added features for the customer. Providing the best training experience for the trainer and management. Clients are always surprised at the value they receive in relationship to cost."
Denise B.
“Second to none with online safety technology and course development! BIS Training solutions provides world-class support for it’s network partners (re-sellers) and end-users. Fantastic system and amazing team!”
Morgan D.
Safety Training Provider

Join as a Reseller Today!

Provide your customers with access to over 1,800 online courses. They already have confidence in your brand, and now you can enhance their trust by delivering even greater value and even better training courses right from your website!