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Training Record Management System

Training Record Management System

Improve Your Company Training Program

employee and contractor training record software online
Company-Wide Training Records in One Application
Efficiently managing training records for both employees and contractors can now be streamlined through an automated approach, significantly reducing administrative tasks.

Picture a solution that effortlessly scans and archives all training documents across an entire company, with the added capability of sending reminders to employees for renewal deadlines. This is the transformative power of a Training Record Management System (TRMS).

Whether your workforce is 20 individuals or 20,000, the TRMS automates the entire process, eliminating concerns about training compliance. This innovative system efficiently stores, monitors, and organizes:

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Online Training

In-person Training

Historical Training Certificates

Once you and your team have successfully uploaded your files, the system has the capability to dispatch expiration alerts directly to your team members, regardless of their location. Additionally, ensuring compliance becomes a seamless process, requiring just a few clicks to provide you or any authorized individual with a comprehensive overview of your team’s training status.

smartphone with a training certificates for contractors and employees

Training Record Storage

Tired of the inconvenience associated with locating training records? Frustrated by the scattered storage of certificates and records? Look no further.

Our online software dedicated to training record management not only keeps a systematic record and organization of certificates from courses completed through our Learning Management System (LMS) but also securely handles, tracks, and generates comprehensive reports for training conducted in various settings, including classrooms, on-site, or through alternative systems!


Automated Expiry Notifications

Our automated notification system ensures that your employees consistently remain informed about their training status. Email reminders are dispatched to supervisors, employees, and administrators 30, 60, or 90 days prior to the training expiration date, providing ample time for them to refresh their knowledge and prevent overdue training from slowing down work.

Review expiring training alerts with:

Training record management database

Dashboard Reporting

Excel Reporting

User Profiles

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BIStrainer Reporting on a smartphone

Training Reports at Your Fingertips

This functionality provides a visual overview of expired, missing, or soon-to-expire training. Bid farewell to the hassle of juggling multiple spreadsheets and gain access to everything through a user-friendly system.

Close the Gaps in Company Training

An automated training system can guarantee the absence of any gaps. Addressing the training gaps can:

Increase in Profits 68%
Increase in Productivity 63%
Increase in Quality of Work 74%

Training Matrix

The innovative Training Matrix feature empowers you to effortlessly tailor training for each role and location within your organization. Just input a roster of distinct company roles (e.g., driver, labourer, etc.) and the corresponding training required for the role (e.g., Transportation of Dangerous Goods, safe lifting practices, etc.), and our Training Management Software will produce a personalized training matrix. Assigning training to roles is a breeze – just click on the pertinent boxes. It’s as straightforward as that! Once roles are fulfilled, the system seamlessly automates by assigning training courses to team members based on their role.

training matrix and training record management system on a desktop computer and tablet
Automated Alerts:

Employee tracking management software automates notifications for training nearing expiration, delivering alerts to employees, managers, and system admins. This guarantees that everyone remains informed about the compliance for training requirements within their department or other location.

Training Requirements Based on Role and Location:

Our Training Management Software offers the flexibility to assign training based on role and also location. For instance, if drivers in one location necessitate long-haul training while those in other locations do not, our system can accommodate these distinctions.

Criteria for Course Acceptance:

Specify the criteria for accepting courses related to each training topic. Input the training topic (e.g., First Aid), choose the preferred training provider, and designate the format (e.g. online or classroom). Only training that aligns with these criteria will be considered valid.

Training Record Management

Comparison Chart

TRMS training records and certificate management system

Training Gap Reports

Upon assigning requisite training to all employees, it is crucial to follow up and verify the completion of the training. With a click, you can produce a training gap analysis report to pinpoint individuals falling behind in their training. This report, formatted to be compatible with Microsoft Excel, provides extensive details such as the individual’s first and last names, the specific training topic(s) they still need to finish, and company location.

Reports Compatible with Excel

Achieving compatibility with Excel files can pose challenges at times. BIStrainer employs a data management system that seamlessly integrates with Excel, establishing itself as one of the most efficient approaches for your company to shift towards a paperless environment. Just upload your company’s spreadsheet data, and our system will efficiently centralize essential information, providing XSL or CSV files as needed.

Excel reporting within BIStrainer on a desktop computer
  • Update user profiles
  • Import user accounts
  • Store training information, including copies of certificates
  • Verify employees through payroll comparison
  • Download training reports directly to your computer
  • Convert data storage files for both internal and external usage

The seamless interaction facilitated by our training management software with Excel spreadsheets promotes effective coordination among various departments within your organization, ensuring compatibility and smooth communication.

Desktop or Mobile

SafeTapp 2.0​

Safetapp provides your team with the ability to access EHS resources using their individual mobile devices.

With SafeTapp your team can access:

Your team can display credentials on their mobile app anywhere with an internet connection, thanks to mobile access.

SafeTapp smartphone app for BIStrainer

Training Record Management System

Allow the software to handle your training tasks while you concentrate on production.