Online Orientation Software

Online Orientation Software

Get your team up to speed quickly and maximize productivity!

Online orientation software

Efficient Online Orientation Software

✔ Suitable for employees and contractors

✔ Quick and easy sign-up process for employees

✔ Seamlessly integrates with your payroll and HR systems

✔ Securely stores all information online

✔ Ensures participant identification with virtual proctoring

✔ Unlimited customer support available

✔ Access to advanced reporting tools for comprehensive insights

Digital Employee Orientations

Maximizing the potential of your workforce begins with practical and proficient orientations. When conducted successfully, online onboarding and orientations can offer fresh recruits valuable insights into the company’s culture, specific policies, procedures, and clear expectations at the click of a button.

To cater to the diverse needs of both experienced and new employees, organizations should adopt adaptable learning methods. By embracing online induction software, which can be accessed on mobile devices and computers, companies are discovering an engaging approach that provides high-level

updates and essential information to experienced staff, while equipping new hires with comprehensive knowledge and the necessary learning to quickly get up to speed. This innovative approach to employee onboarding is proving to be highly effective, making a remarkable difference in orientation outcomes.

Transition to a Digital Orientation with Ease

Digital Employee Orientation

Craft Your Own Online Orientation with Ease!

With the BIStrainer online safety orientation software and course building engine, you can effortlessly curate a collection of:

   ✔  Pictures

   ✔  Videos

   ✔  Slideshows

   ✔  Interactive tasks

   ✔  and more

You can even utilise your mobile device to capture photos and videos at your work sites and seamlessly incorporate them into your orientations.

Digital Onboarding Savings Calculator

Companies can achieve significant cost savings by transitioning from in-person to online employee onboarding. Calculate potential savings for your company by exploring the benefits of digital onboarding!

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Online Orientation Features

Ideal for transportation companies

Additional Tools

Integration of Document Management

Our advanced document management technology allows new hires to easily upload all their necessary documents, such as tax forms, direct deposit forms, training records, HR paperwork, and more, directly into the orientation system. Once uploaded, the completed and signed documents are securely stored in their profile, and their supervisors or managers receive instant notifications. This convenient feature not only saves significant administrative time but also simplifies the onboarding process, reduces paper waste and paperwork, and ultimately saves valuable time and money for your company.

Digital Folders on mobile app for safety management
virtual proctoring software

Virtual Proctoring

To ensure the right person completes the orientation and testing, our system offers virtual proctoring services. Using webcams, virtual proctoring enables employees to provide identification while the course is in progress. The software ensures that the employee stays engaged from start to finish, minimizing the possibility of unethical attempts to cheat the system. By implementing virtual proctoring, you can identify any workers who may pose ethical issues before they become problematic on-site. Additionally, this technology helps ensure that employees pay attention to the content being delivered.

Benefits of Online Orientations


Moving your induction online saves money on travel, classrooms, and instructors. It also allows employees to complete most of their training off-site, increasing their productive time. This can lead to impressive returns on investment (ROI).

Efficient Processes

Shifting orientations online simplifies a previously cumbersome process. Employees or contractors can fill in HR forms during the induction, and the completed forms are automatically sent to the appropriate departments.


In-person instructors might rush through some topics or spend too much time on others. With online content, information remains consistent. You can be confident that every new employee receives the same training experience when they arrive on site.


With online orientations, employees can complete their onboarding anywhere, whether it's on or off-site. They can also be combined with in-class or in-field training for a blended learning approach. It offers flexibility and convenience for all participants.

Ready to Begin?

Our Online Orientations software, combined with our Digital Forms, LMS, and Folders modules, provides tailored onboarding programs. For pricing details, visit our Software Pricing page and choose the software modules that suit your organization best.

Follow these three simple steps to get started:

Step 1 – Get in Touch

When you’re ready to use Online Orientations, reach out to our team and express your interest in getting started. They will answer your questions and get the ball rolling.

Step 2 – Launch Your Branded Portal

After our team assists you in starting up, you can create customized orientations for any purpose and explore the system’s features as you learn.

Step 3 – Professional Onboarding

Once you’ve designed the forms and orientations, distribute them to your valued staff and analyze the results to gauge their impact on your organization.

Looking for assistance in creating an orientation video?

Our team of professional video developers is here to help!

Reviewing Content

Great courses are distinguished by their quality content. Our skilled editors will enhance your script by establishing clear learning objectives, organizing the material for better learner retention, and simplifying the information for improved comprehension.

Expert Voice-Over

When delivered with the right tone, pace, inflection, and emphasis, learning becomes enjoyable and memorable. Our talented pool of voice actors will provide your course with the professional quality it deserves at an affordable price.

Graphic Design

We strive for visually stunning courses. Our graphic designers can create a clean, visually appealing look that aligns with your company branding, enhancing the learner experience.

Motion Graphics

Don't let your orientation be dull. Our graphic designers and developers can bring life to your course through engaging motion graphics, effectively illustrating the subject matter.

Onsite Filming

With our onsite video services, you can offer new employees an actual glimpse of your company before they arrive. Our crew will help showcase the face of your company and make them feel at home.

Interactive Activities

Capturing learner attention is crucial for a successful online course. Let our editors and developers assist you in creating interactive activities that engage employees with the course material and your company culture.

Exam Development

Testing and questions are vital to ensure new employees understand your company's safety and ethics requirements. Our team can help you develop questions that assess employee knowledge and comprehension of the material.

Supplemental Material Creation

Your orientation has unique needs. Whether it's digital onboarding forms or a way for employees to take notes, we can assist in creating and customizing supplemental materials that match your course's unique design.

Top Tips for Successful Online Employee Orientation Training Development

It’s indubitable that a well-planned and intensive orientation program has eminent importance to the employees and organization at large. Investing well in the new employees earns big dividends concerning delivery, retention, and engagement. However, the question that arises is whether your training program comprehensively covers essential aspects that make the joining team feel informed, prepared, supported and accommodated in your institution. The new employee orientation program authority should hold new hire orientation workshops to make sure that organizational onboarding has taken place in the right manner to benefit the entire staff irrespective of the job position or function. This workshop will enable new employees to integrate effectively and with ease regarding organizational policies, culture, values, and objectives. Also, the new starters will get informed on the duties, terms, and guidelines of the new job environment.

The following tips will create a stellar online orientation program for employees so that you can build a strong foundation for successful and long-term stable working relationships for both your company and the newly hired employees.

Having set goals mark the determinant of success for your online training program as this will help you to know how the learning goals will be achieved easily. Avoid the vague e-learning goals, instead focus on action for example, what outcome do you expect to get from the new team after new hire orientation? Emphasize on what is expected from them as per the organization policies and on their primary duties and direct them on the resources they will require to satisfactory partake their roles. Connect them to their supervisors and make them feel at home.

It is not wise to expect the newly hired staff to look for references and resources on the web, instead, make sure you include all essential links in the new employee orientation program. This will enable the starters to access information relevant to the organization’s processes and practice whenever they need it directly with even their mobile phones.

Always be brief, clear and straightforward to help the new staff understand the orientation successfully on each pertinent information. This is because the newly hired staff quickly gets overwhelmed with lots of data. Besides, incorporate interactive aspects into your new employee orientation program to enable them to be more engaged and attentive.

In summary, new hire orientation is an inevitable exercise for every organization as it will build an attitude for the new starters that will determine their performance in the long term. Orient them well and the result will show itself!

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