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Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management Software

Optimizing Your Equipment Data Management

Equipment and Asset Management Software on mobile
Equipment Management System

Asset & Equipment Management

Effectively handling your equipment data supervising a dynamic workshop brimming with welding gear or a comprehensive array of vehicles demands meticulous organization and management of equipment-related information. Many enterprises adopt manual approaches, resorting to paper-based systems that incur significant administrative expenses and heighten the risk of document loss or misplacement.

Through its integration with BIStrainer, this functionality streamlines the management process, facilitating convenient access to crucial information for supervisors and operators alike. Requiring minimal setup, it sets the stage for a promising and optimistic future ahead.

QR Code Integrations

Get to your asset and equipment information in an instant with QR codes!

Leveraging the built-in QR code feature, you have the ability to attach a QR code to any equipment or corporate asset, granting direct access to its relevant details, manuals, forms, inspections, and a plethora of other resources, all conveniently accessible from your mobile device or tablet!

Equipment Management Software by BIS Safety Software
Management Software

Link Company Assets

Enhance your asset management workflow

With the asset linking functionality, you gain visibility into asset sign-outs, current locations, and associations with other assets. For instance, you can allocate a fire extinguisher, GPS device, toolbox, and an AED to a company truck, subsequently assigning the truck to a designated supervisor accountable for all assets.

Uncover a more streamlined approach to asset management and welcome a future of potential.

Additional Asset Features


Utilizing our advanced equipment tracking system, you have the capability to effortlessly generate individual profiles for every piece of equipment or machinery within your inventory. These profiles encompass vital information including manufacturers, serial numbers, models, and metrics regarding usage. It constitutes a holistic framework designed to facilitate monitoring and management of your invaluable assets.


With our software, you have the flexibility to establish tailored hierarchies for your equipment. You can categorize them according to their types and statuses, simplifying the organization and oversight of your inventory. Seeking operational skid steers at a moment's notice? Simply specify the type and status, and the system will promptly filter the results accordingly.


Bid farewell to the inconvenience of scouring for daily logs, manuals, lists of parts, lockout/tagout procedures, or insurance documentation associated with each piece of equipment. Our software furnishes a secure storage system, allowing you to effortlessly store and access all these critical documents. Everything essential is conveniently accessible at your fingertips.


Experience our customizable status filters, designed to streamline the identification of each piece of equipment's current status effortlessly. With these filters, managing and viewing the equipment list for your entire company becomes a breeze. Whether you seek to discern which equipment is locked out or undergoing servicing, the information is just a quick glance away.


Streamline Asser Tracking

equipment management software BIS Safety

Tracking your equipment poses its challenges. Queries like, “What’s its present condition?” or “How did the recent inspection fare?” typically demand considerable time and effort to address. However, imagine accessing these answers instantly, irrespective of your location, using any mobile device at your disposal.

Effortless Personnel

Allocate skilled personnel to each piece of equipment. Handpick individuals or designate a specific group responsible for completing required forms associated with their assigned equipment. Our automated system ensures timely reminders at specified intervals for pre-shift inspection forms and other daily or weekly necessities.

Efficiency in Mileage

Monitor the distance covered by individual equipment units by inputting and reviewing their mileage in either miles or kilometres. Establish inspection schedules and safety maintenance protocols, triggering notifications to designated personnel when specific mileage thresholds are reached, prompting them to complete the requisite forms.


Seamless Hours of Operation Tracking

Log and track the operational hours logged by each asset. Establish completion criteria for inspections and safety maintenance forms based on pre-set operational hour milestones. This guarantees adherence to manufacturer-set inspection and maintenance standards for your machinery.

Insights through Advanced Analytics

LMS solutions by BIS safety software

Utilize the insights derived from your tracked data to streamline job planning processes. Identify problematic equipment, ascertain frequently utilized machinery, and pinpoint areas where specific equipment is in high demand. Track the status of any identified aesthetic, mechanical, or safety issues through a collaborative document.

Integrate Digital Forms

This remarkable functionality seamlessly connects with an online form builder, allowing you to generate digital forms for equipment maintenance and safety procedures. You can directly allocate these forms to specific equipment and specify whether they should be completed daily, weekly, or monthly. The greatest advantage? Your designated personnel can conveniently complete these forms on-site, mitigating the risk of paperwork getting lost in the filing process.

Improve Equipment Form Management

Utilize our system to generate limitless pre-shift inspection forms, hours of service logs, maintenance reports, audits, and repair forms. Your personnel can seamlessly complete these forms in the field using their smartphones or tablets, thereby streamlining the entire process.

Use Multimedia Inputs

We empower your personnel to enrich their submitted forms by incorporating multi-media like videos and images. Additionally, you can convey form completion expectations and requirements through informative videos, promoting effective communication within your team.


Keep informed with our automated notifications. Whenever your personnel spot asset defects or potential safety hazards, immediate alerts will be sent to you when they complete a report. Moreover, you can configure notifications to remind management if these concerns persist unaddressed for a designated period.

Advanced Frequency Settings

Customize the completion schedule of assigned forms for each asset according to your specific requirements. We also offer automated email reminders to designated personnel, guaranteeing adherence to procedures and preventing oversights in inspections.

Automated Maintenance Tickets

Incorporate specific fields within your equipment forms through our system to initiate maintenance tickets. This feature enables qualified personnel to monitor and manage real-time maintenance status, ensuring seamless operations at all times.

Robust Form Reporting

Access comprehensive reports for completed forms instantly, enabling easy monitoring and management of your equipment. Additionally, you can retrieve all outstanding forms, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

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Immerse yourself in a seamless fusion of forms, effective communication, and streamlined asset management.

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