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Digital Folders

Digital Folders

Provide Digital Folder Access Across the Entire Company!

Mobile App for Safety Management with Digital Folders.
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Digital Folders

Included Features:

Easily Manage Who Has Access

Employees can Sign Off on Policies

Mobile Friendly

Download Reports to See Who Has Signed Off

with Digital Folders there will be no more:

Lost documents

Unnecessary printing costs

Employees missing important company policies

Safeguard and conveniently access your crucial documents using BIStrainer’s digital folder system. Similar to computer folders, you can upload numerous documents and or files to a cloud storage space designed for your team. This user-friendly software enables your employees to effortlessly retrieve company files, monitor acceptance and sign-offs, and receive automated reminders for document expiration and reassignment.

Create and Manage Countless Digital Folders

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Submit Documents and Policies for Distribution Throughout the Company

image of digital folders and the documents and files stored

Upon configuring your folder, sharing crucial files such as Microsoft Excel files, Word documents, PDF policies or procedures, and editable digital forms becomes effortless. Uploading necessary documents is a seamless process, with the option to customize rules for each. Additionally, you have control over access and editing privileges, the requirement of a digital signature, crafting affirmation statements, and more. Should you ever require guidance on optimizing automation processes, our team is readily available to assist you!


Provide Permissions and Access For Your Team

Employing our advanced permission management system, administrators possess the capability to assign user permission levels to employees, contractors and visitors. Utilizing the Assignment Type Selectors, you can effortlessly allocate a folder based on criteria such as employee geography, role with the company, or a mix like Location and Role (e.g., Park Royal and all Crane Operators). This results in the folder being assigned and promptly appearing on the contractor or employee’s home page on the Training section, in the Assigned area, facilitating convenient access.


Have Employees & Contractors Review and Sign-off on Documents

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Our intuitive software for endorsing policies and procedures enables employees to effortlessly retrieve Word, Excel, or PDF documents. With a simple click, employees and contractors can open and review the Terms & Conditions, agree with the document, and digitally endorse the company policy.

After employees have completed the signing process for the assigned forms, the folder containing the documents shifts to the In Progress section on their homepage. Upon finishing the signing process for all the necessary forms, the folder seamlessly transitions to the Completed section.

In the event of a document update or expiration, the folder is swiftly relocated back to the Assigned section, alerting the user of the new sign-off requirement. Following the employee’s endorsement of the updated document, the folder reverts to the Completed section.


Our document storage software, designed for security, guarantees the protection of your files against unauthorized access, bad actors, and hackers. Through our intuitive digital folder system, store, effortlessly monitor, and manage company documents online from anywhere. The highlight? Our cloud document and folder management system meticulously tracks document versions, encompassing modifications and newly created files.

Cloud Servers

The Digital Folder Platform proves to be an excellent digital resource facilitating the effortless organization of crucial documents. Envision a virtual area where you can securely store your files in the cloud, accessible at your convenience from any location. This intelligent application allows you to effortlessly incorporate your digital signature with a few taps on your smartphone, regardless of whether it runs on an Android or Apple system.


One of the top features of the digital folders is its ability to collect documents from diverse sources and organize them into recorded and searchable data. This exceptional software will store digital copies of paper forms and documents but also conducts personalized indexing, guaranteeing that your documents are categorized in a way that ensures easy retrieval in the future.

Managing Permissions

After configuring a folder, leverage our sophisticated permission management system to assign the folder and its entire contents to groups according to their administrative level in the system, their role within the company, or a combination of both.

Easy Digital Signatures

Each file within the folder is adaptable to necessitate employee confirmation and agreement. Simply include a message upon the initial document opening, a terms and conditions statement necessitating approval, and a statement of agreement or confirmation, complete with an easily manageable checkbox and/or signature requirement.

Update Management

Our folder system is crafted to ensure you stay informed about updates. Whenever a file within a folder undergoes modification, the folder automatically reverts to your assigned section on your homepage. Any updated forms will be indicated with a user-friendly yellow warning icon.

Document History Reports

In your capacity as an admin user, you have the capability to enter any folder, select a file, and effortlessly download a detailed history report for any specific documents or all documents within the folder. The report is generated in Excel format and includes the names of individuals who accessed each form, along with the dates on which they provided approval, signed, or utilized the form.

Excited About Utilizing Digital Folders?

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