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Driver Management Software

Driver Management Software​

You can move your business forward with the Driver Management Features in BIStrainer!

driver management software
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Efficiently Handle Your Commercial Drivers with a Single Software Solution!

Our system monitors critical driver details such as license number, type, expiration date, medical certification, and Hazmat endorsement (if applicable). Automated email alerts notify drivers, supervisors, and administrators regarding expiring licenses 90 days prior.

Moreover, the system tracks driver training and certification in real-time, recording both classroom and online courses to provide insights into each driver’s compliance and permissions.

Driver Management Software streamlines administration by integrating with our learning management platform, facilitating seamless communication with the Training Record Management System and online learning center.

Driver Management Software


Effortlessly manage data for numerous drivers. Easily sort, filter, and adjust reports in Excel format as required.

Securely access files on the move using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets through our cloud-based system.

Customize driver categories and oversee specific documents, incorporating requirements for forklift, crane, and other equipment operators as needed.

Effectively oversee driver training certificates, whether acquired online or in the classroom. Drivers and administrators can instantly access them for seamless management.

driver compliance tracking system

Additional Features

Over 1,800 Online Courses

Access the driver training you require anytime through our integrated online store, featuring a diverse array of courses from numerous training providers.

Secure Login

Guarantee secure access for drivers to the system via unique usernames and passwords, enabling them to remotely access their records with confidence.

Inspections and Vehicle Pre-Trip Checklists

Prioritizing vehicle safety before every journey is paramount in averting hazards and potential accidents. Arm your drivers with cutting-edge software for pre-trip inspections, empowering them to seamlessly conduct, monitor, and store their inspections securely on the BIStrainer cloud platform.

Ready to Start?

Through the integration of our Learning Management System, our Driver Management software streamlines administrative tasks. Utilizing our Driver and Training Record Management software, you can effortlessly manage all aspects of your commercial driver training.

Get Started with BIStrainer Driver Management in Three Steps

Step 1 - Get in Touch with Us

Contact our team, we are equipped to address any inquiries and initiate the process.

Step 2 - We Launch Your Portal

We will create and launch your custom branded portal that matches your logo and colours

Step 3 - Onboarding Sessions

Our professional team will schedule one or more onboarding sessions to get your up and running!

Move Your Driver Management Online Today!

Consolidate all certificates, licenses, abstracts, and competencies of your company drivers in a single accessible location.