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Training Matrix Software

Online Training Matrix Software

Establish Your Training Needs Once and Allow the Software to Handle the Rest


Training matrix software by BIS safety software

Streamline Your Training Assignments with the Training Matrix

The BIStrainer Training Matrix can be customized to align seamlessly with your unique company requirements. With a simple click, you can assign a training course to a specific role, and the software will automatically distribute it to all individuals who need it. It’s as simple as that!

Embrace a new era of efficiency and convenience by automating your training assignments with the Training Matrix. Bid farewell to cumbersome paperwork and welcome a future characterized by streamlined processes and promising possibilities.

LMS learning management Software on desktop and tablet

Training Matrix

Automatically Assign:

Employee and Contractor Training

Training Programs

Digital Forms

Individuals are assigned training based on their roles or locations. If an employee or contractor makes changes to either of these aspects, the training system will swiftly adjust and provide the required training to their profile. This guarantees that they remain consistently prepared for work, regardless of their location. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with being well-equipped and ready to tackle any challenge, no matter where you are!

training matrix to auto assign courses
training matrix software by BIS safety software

Automatic Notifications

The Training Matrix automatically sends notifications for training expiry and mandatory courses to your team.

Training Matrix Gap Report

Quickly See where training's needed!

A robust reporting system is crucial for the effectiveness of your safety and training endeavors. Efficiently pinpointing training gaps among your employees ensures that everyone is adequately prepared for their daily responsibilities.

The Training Matrix gap report is a visually engaging report that shows expiring training and compliance at a glance. This useful report enables you to maintain confidence in your team’s capabilities as you navigate upcoming tasks.


Effectively managing and overseeing employee training poses a significant challenge for large organizations, demanding substantial time and effort. Conventional paper-based filing systems introduce errors and necessitate constant searching and verification.

To address this, many organizations create a customized training matrix tailored to their specific needs. The process begins by defining employee roles and training topics, assigning specific learning requirements to each role, such as first aid training. Customization can extend to training requirements based on the geographical location of employees, taking into account regional safety regulations. Once the system is established, it autonomously delivers the required training to employees based on their roles and locations.

Moreover, the system maintains employee records, automatically updating training requirements upon completion of training. Managers can easily monitor the status of up-to-date training and identify individuals in need of further development. The system also handles certificate expiration dates, sending renewal notifications to both employees and their managers, ensuring timely reminders for any training set to expire within 90 days or that has already expired. The tracking is highly detailed, providing a comprehensive gap analysis with just one click. This analysis pinpoints potential compliance issues and identifies any missing training, presented conveniently in an easy-to-follow Excel report.

With this automated approach, the management of employee training becomes more efficient, infusing a sense of organization and optimism by streamlining processes, minimizing errors, and ensuring that the workforce remains well-prepared and compliant.

Location specific training requirements

Location Based Training

With Advanced Options

Utilizing advanced assignments, you can have the matrix configured to automatically assign training requirements based on:

Local Regions

Specific Employees


Specific City


Role Locations

Our system makes it remarkably convenient to establish training requirements based on roles and locations. Offering a high degree of customization, it allows you to tailor your company’s training needs to specific roles and locations. Whether you’re providing forklift training exclusively to Operators in one location or making it optional in others, our system effortlessly accommodates such variations.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose the specific courses you find suitable for each training topic. Simply input the training topic, such as Fire Safety, and select the preferred training provider, like ABC Safety, and format, such as online training. Only training that aligns with these specific criteria will be accepted.

To ensure everyone stays current with their training requirements, our system automatically sends notifications as courses approach expiration. These notifications reach workers, managers, and system administrators, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of department, region, or location, remains well-informed about their compliance with training requirements.

Rest assured, our system provides you with the tools to streamline and effectively manage training.

More Matrix Features

Tailored Options

Customize and tailor your training matrix by incorporating distinct roles and wording specific to your company. Easily upload a diverse range of roles and training topics to meet your unique needs.


Effortlessly navigate your organization's training requirements through our user-friendly grid layout, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Integration with In-person Training

Facilitate convenient access to pertinent training topics for your employees by allowing them to click on them, leading them to a calendar showcasing available classroom training sessions tailored to their specific requirements.

Course Are Auto-Assigned

You have the flexibility to not only designate training as optional or mandatory according to employees' roles and locations but also automate the assignment of training at specific intervals or upon expiration.

Review Gaps

Create detailed reports that highlight areas within regions, work sites, departments, and even individuals necessitating additional training, utilizing the criteria established within the Training Matrix.

Anywhere With Internet

Enjoy the ease of accessing your training matrix from any location worldwide, using any device, courtesy of our state-of-the-art cloud-based technology.

SafeTapp smartphone app for BIStrainer

SafeTapp 2.0​

Mobile Friendly

Improve your health and safety management system with a user-friendly safety application, extending the accessibility of your training and awareness to your entire team through their individual mobile devices. Presenting SafeTapp, the ultimate solution that empowers you to:

Embrace the ease of downloading and storing your training certificates directly on your smartphone or tablet. With SafeTapp, equip yourself with the resources to promote safety while embracing a promising and positive future.

Client Feedback

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

 “Working with BIS Safety Software over the years has been a pleasure. Their support, customer service, and attention to detail are second to none in the industry. We look forward to continuing our relationship long into the future.”
Brett McCumber
Director, Alberta BC Safety Inc.

 “BIS has been a great training solution for Magna Electric Corp. The training management system is straight forward and simple to use... Most of all, the customer service is second to none.”
Jocelyn Froehlich
Magna Electric Corporation
“Since working with BIS, we were able to ditch the uncontrolled spreadsheets with outdated or incorrect information. BIS has helped organize the major components of our Learning Management System by streamlining training topic requirements for roles, departments, and locations.”
Rebecca Rankin
HSE Advisor

Experience the Ease of the Training Matrix

Assigning training to employees and contractors is incredibly easy with the automation provided by the BIStrainer Training Matrix