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Site Inspection Software

Site Inspection Software

Utilize site inspection software to improve worksite safety


Site Inspections without Paper

A significant portion of site inspection processes are managed manually, involving physical documents. This approach can lead to the loss of checklists and reports, the loss of vital information, and increased operational costs.

Fortunately, the advent of site inspection software presents a viable solution. This innovation replaces the cumbersome piles of paperwork with an efficient, cost-saving digital system. Utilizing such technology not only improves the effectiveness of our safety checks but also offers financial benefits.

Often, the most perilous hazards are those that remain hidden. This underscores the importance of conducting thorough site inspections. By meticulously reviewing the work environment, we’re able to proactively spot and address potential dangers before they result in mishaps and software can make it that much easier.


Custom Inspections

The use of inspection software streamlines the creation of tailored site inspection checklists. This technology enables the crafting of limitless checklists that include a variety of factors such as lighting conditions, noise levels, air quality, cable management, fire safety equipment, and personal protective equipment, among others. Items can be organized into categories like Environmental, Ergonomic, Electrical, Hazardous Materials, and Housekeeping, or any other specific classifications needed for a particular location. Digital inspections support multiple input types, including checkbox selections, dropdown menus, Likert scales for rating, date and time entries, open-ended text responses, digital signatures, and the capability to upload images and videos.

The software allows customization of the inspection depth, ranging from basic item verification to the inclusion of comprehensive descriptions or visual evidence. It also offers advanced features like hidden fields and conditional logic, which only display certain fields when a potential safety concern is detected, thus enhancing the inspection process.

You can allocate digital inspection checklists to staff based on their job role, the specific site they’re working at, or directly to individuals. Moreover, the software provides functionality for organizing inspections on a calendar and setting them up to recur at intervals that match your organization’s requirements.

Central Secure Storage

Moving site inspections to a digital platform eliminates the reliance on traditional pen and paper methods. Workers can use tablets or smartphones to conduct inspections on-site, allowing them to save their work as they go, which helps in preventing the loss of any data.

The digital approach also enables employees to add comments about any hazards they encounter and to attach photos and videos for a clearer depiction of the issues found.

Workers have the capability to digitally sign the inspection documents, with their signatures being securely saved with the form for documentation. This technology facilitates the instant submission and processing of the forms, allowing them to be forwarded to assigned reviewers for evaluation, approval, or additional measures. The system can be set up to alert particular team members automatically when specific entries are made or sections are filled out.

Reporting & Data Review

Upon completing inspections, the accumulated data and insights prove to be highly beneficial for your organization. Inspection software enables the compilation of data from finalized inspections into report dashboard or the data can be downloaded into Excel spreadsheets swiftly, a task that would be considerably more laborious and costly if executed through traditional paper records and filing systems.

All documentation is preserved in a secure cloud storage solution, accessible by approved staff from any location, eliminating the danger of data loss. The software’s sophisticated reporting tools facilitate the examination of data trends, assisting in pinpointing potential weaknesses or safety risks across your sites.


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Digital inspections streamline risk management by converting collected data into comprehensible insights that decision-makers can utilize to forecast trends and refine procedures. Our Electronic Forms platform simplifies the process for teams to conduct thorough assessments. For details on pricing, we invite you to visit our Contact Us page, where you can request a customized quote for any specific module you may need.
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We will create a custom portal using your logo and brand colours. Your team will use this portal for site inspections and other health and safety tasks.

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Our team of professionals will guide you through the initial setup stages to ensure you can hit the ground running with the site inspection software!

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