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Field Level Hazard Assessments

Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA)

Reduce Missed Time by Identifying Hazards and Preventing Incidents


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FLHA Software

Report and Mitigate Risks with an Online App

Whether termed Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRAs) or Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHAs), these evaluations aid your workers in identifying and assessing hazards in their work environment. Managing and storing physical paperwork, clipboards, and writing tools can be cumbersome and frustrating.

Consider having these forms available online, allowing completion via smartphones or tablets anytime and anywhere needed. With digital field level hazard assessment forms, your workers can achieve precisely that. Moreover, you can instantly access detailed reports, track trending data, and monitor critical safety concerns. But wait, there’s more…

Hazard Mitigation

Our hazard assessment software simplifies hazard management tasks. It enables you to customize hazard identification checklists to align with your company’s specific needs. Through our user-friendly form builder, you can incorporate special features into your forms, such as:

Video and Photos within Forms

Enable employees to incorporate images and videos into their hazard assessments, enhancing clarity regarding on-site conditions. Furthermore, integrate instructional videos directly into the form to ensure precise and straightforward guidance.

Advanced Calculated Form Fields

Streamline the risk analysis procedure by offering pre-established calculations to assess the probability, severity, and frequency of hazards. This report facilitates the identification of risk levels and enables effective prioritization of hazards.

Integrated File Uploader

Enable workers to conveniently upload pertinent permits and confirmations directly into the form using their smartphones or tablets equipped with a built-in webcam.

Mandatory Fields

Improve worker safety by specifying mandatory fields within the form. You can also outline the conditions under which a specific field becomes obligatory. If a required field is left unchecked, the form will be flagged for supervisor review.

Time and Date

Monitor the frequency and consistency of your FLHAs by automatically documenting the date and time of each assessment. You can also include GPS stamps so you know where the assessment was completed.


Employ the software's electronic signature feature to ensure workers sign off on their hazard assessments. Upon completion, the assessment can be assigned to supervisors for their electronic endorsement.

Learning Management System

Additional Features

Our streamlined hazard management solution offers a user-friendly platform to optimize your hazard assessment process, enhancing safety and efficiency in your workplace.

In addition to the convenience of digital forms, our risk evaluation software enhances your reporting and tracking capabilities for more precise and efficient risk reduction. Here are additional ways we can support you in enhancing your FLRA procedures:

With a few simple clicks, you can ensure that your risk assessments are delivered to the relevant workers. Easily assign specific forms based on user roles, locations, equipment, or even individually. Let our software manage the distribution of forms for you, saving you time and effort.

No longer do you need to wait for risk evaluations to arrive at your workstation. The moment your employee presses Submit, the document is swiftly uploaded and ready for examination.

You can relax knowing that there’s no need to worry about locating or retrieving finished forms anymore. All completed hazard assessments are securely stored on our cloud-based server, ensuring easy access whether you’re in the office or out in the field.

You may already know that you can establish notifications for supervisors when specific responses and fields necessitate follow-up. However, the notification capabilities of the hazard assessment software offer more than that. Through advanced alerts, you can designate specific individuals to address forms if supervisors do not take action within a specified timeframe.

Our reports are crafted to be informative, user-friendly, and accessible, utilizing Excel spreadsheets. They provide trending data, enabling you to monitor and address recurring hazards more effectively. Furthermore, we offer PDF versions of the reports for improved accessibility.

Start Using Online Risk Assessments Today!

Simplifying the process of conducting, storing, and organizing risk assessments saves time, energy, and costs. The sooner you adopt the software, the quicker you can access consolidated data and mitigate risks. For pricing information, please visit our Contact Us page, where our specialists can assist you in obtaining pricing for our Digital Forms module.

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