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Health and Safety Software

Health & Safety Software

Improve safety through the effective management of EHS training data
BIStrainer OHS software
LMS learning management Software on desktop and tablet

Health & Safety Software

Safety-focused organizations often encounter difficulties in handling paperwork and administrative tasks related to their health and safety programs. The BIStrainer health and safety software offers a solution to streamline these administrative processes. Specifically designed to reduce the administrative load, it enables your team to focus on prioritizing individual training, workplace safety planning, and more meaningful tasks.
Crafted for safety-conscious companies, the BIStrainer health and safety software is applicable to any sector seeking to streamline and improve its safety protocols.

LMS - Training Management

The all-encompassing EHS software package incorporates a robust learning management software (LMS) that provides a multitude of features and advantages:

Easily allocate necessary training to your team and contractors

Access training content online from any location with internet

Take advantage of the exam engine and the system is SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compatible

Utilize an integrated online store and functionality for course permissions

Specifically tailored for companies requiring comprehensive safety training solutions

Maximize the capabilities of our EHS software’s resilient Learning Management System (LMS) by securely creating, hosting, and delivering your online courses, tests, and surveys using the course player and exam tool. For additional details about the LMS, feel free to get in touch with us. Contact our team at your earliest convenience.

BIStrainer Reporting on a smartphone
smartphone with a training certificates for contractors and employees

Training Record Management

Efficiently manage training records with the BIS EHS software. Safely store all records of in-person and/or online training in one cloud location, eliminating the risk of lost documentation.

Utilize the Training Record Management System to seamlessly upload employee training records, even certificates no matter the training provider. Stay ahead with automatic expiration notifications sent to employees, contractors, managers, and supervisors, guaranteeing the ongoing currency of training.

Features include:

Certificate Tracking

Expiry Notifications

Automatic Archiving

Training Reports

Bulk Record Updates & Uploads

Equipment Management System

Managing equipment can present difficulties, particularly in monitoring its condition and inspection results, but with our cutting-edge Equipment Management software, you can effortlessly monitor not just the location and status, but also critical details like kilometres driven, hours used, who is qualified, maintenance and upkeep records, advanced reports and data, and more. This information is accessible at any time, from any location, and on any connected mobile device. Our software streamlines the process, saving valuable time.

Licensed Personnel


Robust Reporting


Hours Used

And Even More

Equipment and Asset Management Software on mobile
reporting and safety data

Digital Forms

Conventional paper-based forms for environmental health and safety can be burdensome and come with significant management costs. Fortunately, there exists a solution that streamlines the process and eradicates unnecessary administrative expenses.

Harness the capabilities of our EHS software, which presents customizable Digital Safety Forms empowered by an intuitive form builder. Through drag-and-drop functionality, businesses can effortlessly generate and disseminate numerous forms online. These digital forms can be built with e-signatures, Likert scales, time and date stamps, checkboxes, open text fields, and dropdown lists, and much much more. Furthermore, the option to enhance forms with images and videos is available, delivering comprehensive information to form respondents.

The secure BIStrainer safety software facilitates users by allowing them to conveniently complete safety forms using any smartphone or tablet. While filling out forms, employees can easily upload images, videos, and documents directly from their devices. The data is tracked and viewable online, the forms can be converted to PDF files for printing. Additionally, data export to Excel enables analysis and trend identification. Streamline your data input process with the digital forms, which helps reduce the cost and enhances efficiency.

Online Classroom Calendar

Effortlessly oversee in-person training sessions using our intuitive online tool. Seamlessly organize your classroom training through our user-friendly platform. Our impressive calendar tool is adept at managing instructors, classrooms, and courses in various locations.
Online classroom management prevents double booking rooms, instructors, or participants.
Reduce admin tasks with self guided registration and automated alerts and notifications.
Schedule calendar events instantly by using the drag and drop functionality for adding courses onto the virtual calendar.

EHS Software for Today

Let software improve your safety compliance so your team can focus on their work and getting things done!

Reporting on incident data on a mobile phone

OH&S Reporting

Leverage the BIStrainer EHS software to effectively oversee and report data. It consolidates essential information into detailed reports, assisting your team in establishing a safer work environment.

The software provides online dashboards for reporting and automated notifications across various subjects, including:

Reports showing training gaps and upcoming expirations

Employee and contractor course completion certificates

Rich reports for head office and offsite locations

Reporting on online hazard assessments and worksite audits

And more

Moreover, you have the capability to download all data in spreadsheet and Excel formats, guaranteeing accessibility when you are offline.

Additional Health & Safety Features

Folder Technology

Our integrated folder management technology streamlines the hosting of company policies and procedures. It facilitates straightforward access, the ability to confirm when your employees view the material, and digital signature fields.

Course Codes

Administrators can easily create, monitor, and distribute codes for a designated number of users. These codes provide access to courses, regardless of if employees and contractors have an account.

Automated Email Notifications

The BIStrainer software comes with integrated email notifications to keep users well-informed. Notifications are sent to users when courses are appended to their account, when their password gets reset, and as their courses approaches expiration.

Training Matrix

Utilize our seamlessly integrated training matrix to efficiently chart and oversee your employees' training needs. You can categorize training based on location, company role, and employee level. The training matrix can identify training gaps, guides employees and contractors to approved training from internal or external providers, and assigns online training where necessary.

Course Library

Instantly explore thousands of online courses and training topics from prominent safety training organizations. Our extensive library surpasses any other platform in offering a multitude of approved and endorsed programs. Whether it's Ground Disturbance 201 or government-approved First Aid and Defensive Driving, the options are extensive.

Driver Management

Simplify driver management with our web-based tracking system. Upload and store comprehensive commercial driver information, encompassing abstracts, license details, traffic violations, HazMat Endorsement, DOT certification, and medical certificates showing they are safely able to operate a vehicle.

Role Management

Allocate distinct levels of security clearance to individual user roles, differentiating employee and contractor access to settings, features, and other company accounts. Plus, the roles are used to automatically assign role based training through the training matrix.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Competency

Our software facilitates your company's safety coaching and mentoring procedures. You can oversee an extensive array of training programs, covering online courses, classroom sessions, coaching/mentoring initiatives, competency validation, and experience tracking.

Virtual Proctoring

Guarantee the authenticity of online course completions through our virtual proctor feature. Learners grant access to their webcam to capture their government issued id and virtually monitor their course progress.

Exam Engine

Tailor exams for individual users using our integrated evaluation tool. Generate question pools, randomize the sequence of questions and answers, and implement other customization options.

Custom Branding

Effortlessly integrate your portal with your company's website using advanced CSS branding. Ensure consistency in colors, logo, font type, size, and even the navigation menu for a unified user experience.

Reward Tracking

Our software offers an online tool for overseeing and monitoring internal company reward systems. Effortlessly add and update reward points for all employees.

Folder Management, Course Identification, Automated Email Alerts, Training Matrix, Course Catelogue, Driver Oversight — our EHS software offers a diverse set of features and capabilities. Whether streamlining document control or aiding in employee training, we provide a resilient platform to enhance safety procedures and optimize operational efficiency.
online induction system on a work computer

Create Your Own Tailored Online Induction System

With the BIStrainer induction and custom training engine, you can create a custom course with:

Features include:



HTML5 Activities


And even more!

Extra Features - Summary


Securing your information is our top priority, utilizing the cloud technology of Amazon Web Services. Our system guarantees data protection with HTTPS encryption, dedicated firewalls, and robust virus protection measures.

Single Sign-On

Streamlining user interactions, our system facilitates Single Sign-On (SSO). By utilizing the authentication procedures for your business systems, employees and contractors can log in once to reach any internal company system and effortlessly transition to our software without the need for additional login credentials.

Multilingual Support

BIStrainer is crafted to be easily translated into various languages. Following translation and testing, we can integrate any language into the system. Our software currently supports English, Spanish, French, and German.

Occupational safety and health application on a smartphone


Leveraging cloud storage empowers us to promptly address growing system requirements. We can effortlessly expand our capacity to accommodate thousands of new users whenever the need arises.


Our built-in Application Programming Interface (API) enables smooth integration with your internal business systems, such as payroll systems or company intranets. This permits synchronization, modification, and exportation of employees' training data, along with the capability to add or remove users.

Canadian Hosting

In compliance with Canadian privacy regulations and to mitigate potential privacy concerns associated with the US Patriot Act, our complete software and data are securely housed on servers situated within Canada.

Community-Designed Health & Safety Software

Created with input from a diverse community of course designers and EHS professionals, our software is designed to offer solutions for an industry seeking to improve its EHS practices and eliminate burdensome paperwork and administrative tasks.