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Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Deploy online training courses company-wide with ease!


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Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) surpasses the standard, offering features like:

  • Enterprise Level Scalability
  • Robust Cloud Hosting Security
  • Cutting-edge Reporting Tools
  • Compatibility with Mobile Devices
  • Seamless Exam Engine Integration
  • API and SSO Embeddings

The BIStrainer LMS system is equipped with user-friendly learning and compliance tools tailored for both small business and enterprise-level use.

With SCORM compatibility, an integrated eCommerce store, and a course permission management system, the LMS streamlines administrative tasks associated with staff training, ensuring organization and compliance.

Tailored for companies emphasizing safety training, BIStrainer offers a range of safety-centric features, aligning seamlessly with safety protocols. This makes it a well-suited and advantageous choice for integrating into any company’s safety program.

Learning Management Software by BIS

LMS Features

Training Matrix

A matrix capable of both notifying employees or management about necessary training for a particular role or location, and directly assigning mandatory training courses to team members.

Competency Management

Validate competencies, enabling students who successfully complete theoretical assessments to undergo thorough evaluation by the management.

Digital Form Integration

Effortlessly incorporate digital paperwork, such as onboarding documents, into the orientation or course, enabling students to conveniently fill them out online.

SCORM Compatibility

Facilitate the playback of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 courses, encompassing sophisticated programs featuring sequencing and navigation capabilities.

Secure Exam Engine

The BIStrainer exam engine can handle various question types, such as multiple-choice, multi-select, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank, while guaranteeing the security of the examination procedure.

Document Uploader

Allow students to easily upload documents, such as evidence of prior training, directly within the course.

“Hands down the best online LMS system out there” - TMA Safety

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SafeTapp smartphone app for BIStrainer

Mobile App

SafeTapp 2.0​

Elevate your health and safety management system by incorporating a safety app that is easy to navigate.

SafeTapp provides your team mobile access to:

Save your training certificates on any mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet.

Professional Onboarding

When your company signs on to use the BIStrainer Learning Management System, our committed Client Success team will contact you to aid in the implementation of the LMS Software based on your company’s unique needs. Whether your workforce consists of 50 employees or 50,000, we will create a tailored plan that aligns perfectly with your company. Recognizing the significant benefits of Learning Management Software for any organization, we will assist you in implementing a system that reduces costs, administration time, and effort.

Stages of the Onboarding Process

During the initial phase of configuring the LMS Software, our central objective is to securely gather all the data you intend to migrate from your current methods to the BIStrainer Learning Management System. The duration of this stage is contingent on factors such as the volume of data, the number of users, and the intricacy of your existing system. However, as a general guideline, we aim for completion within approximately one week.

The next phase involves leveraging the data gathered in the initial stage to formulate a launch schedule tailored to your requirements. The duration for the launch varies, primarily contingent on the complexity of the setup and the quality of the initial data, irrespective of the organization’s scale. We evaluate the needs and specifications of your team, crafting a flexible timeline for the launch. While adjustments may be made during the onboarding process, having a target timeline proves advantageous for guiding the implementation process.

A crucial phase in Learning Management Software implementation involves the import of employee and contractor data. We collect pertinent details, including hierarchy, user information, historical data, job roles, training topics, and any other specific requirements, collaborating closely with you to execute the data import. Accurate execution in this stage can provide you with extensive data that can be instrumental in optimizing your entire organization.

Until now, we have been in close collaboration with one or more members of your team. However, as we gear up to move forward, it becomes crucial to provide training to all individuals involved in the rollout, ensuring their readiness for a seamless launch.

In this phase, our attention will be directed towards organizing any pending tasks, including digital form workflows, folders, and various other elements. The duration of this stage will fluctuate based on how extensively your team utilizes BIStrainer features like LMS, Training Records, Digital Forms, and Equipment Manager. Additionally, we will set up notification triggers and ensure that management accounts have the requisite level of access for activities such as reporting and competency assessments.

We are committed to providing a smooth experience when you start using the BIStrainer LMS. Our technical support team is available to assist you with any needs during this roll out.

employee and contractor record tracking software online

Reporting & Data

Stay updated with real-time reports on:

Past training records

Online courses

Digital forms

Training needs

Employee account details

Company policies and/or procedures

And company resources.

Throughout the process, the Client Success team will closely assist you. They will also provide strategies and helpful tips to ensure a smooth implementation of the new Learning Management System (LMS) within your organization.

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Tech Support with virtually NO Limits

When you start using the BIStrainer software, you gain unrestricted access to our technical support team.

Simply email or call our support team and we will trouble shoot and help solve technical issues related to BIStrainer!

It's Time to Improve Your Company Training and Safety Program!

Get in touch with our team to see how your organization could improve your health and safety program by using the BIStrainer LMS!