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Online Classroom Calendar

Online Classroom Calendar

A Classroom Management Software Designed by Training Experts for Training Experts


Classroom management app on desktop and a tablet
classroom calendar management system

Manage In-Person Training and Classrooms

Achieve total control over your in-person training initiatives through seamless online management with our powerful scheduling solution, designed to effectively coordinate multiple trainers, venues, and sessions across different locations.

  • Optimized Classroom Management: Say goodbye to the headache of overlapping bookings for classrooms, instructors, or participants
  • Efficient Instructor Collaboration: Reduce administrative workload with self-signups and automated alerts
    Smooth Integration for
  • Simplified Course Management: Easily plan training sessions by dragging and dropping courses onto the calendar interface.
  • Virtual Training: Effortlessly shift your in-person sessions to virtual platforms like Zoom™ and Teams™ with integrated online meetings directly from the Classroom Calendar.


Organize Classroom Training

Effectively arrange your classroom settings, encompassing details like location, time zone, specific addresses, and pertinent notes for both students and instructors. Additionally, you can outline the available equipment within the classroom.

Instructor Management

Access invaluable insights into instructor certifications and qualifications, upload resumes along with relevant documents, and review teaching histories seamlessly. Our platform empowers instructors to deliver their best.

In-person Training Administration

Craft captivating classroom courses complete with comprehensive instructions, visuals, videos, prerequisites, and seamlessly link them to online courses and competency assessments. This integrated approach facilitates the generation of certifications.


Simplify learner registration, whether through your website or via Excel uploads. Utilize waiting list capabilities to mitigate missed opportunities resulting from cancellations.

Asset Management

Streamline inventory management for student workbooks, tablets, and other physical resources throughout your organization effortlessly.

Share Material with Students

Instructors can drag and drop resources, play videos, and deliver PowerPoints to students on their tablets in the classroom.

Secure Payments

Facilitate credit card transactions effortlessly through our integrated eCommerce engine. Offer classroom courses directly from your private portal, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience for your customers.

QR Code Verification

Leverage cutting-edge QR Code technology for seamless verification of a student's training and certification validity. Administrators can effortlessly scan the provided QR code using SafeTapp, guaranteeing a secure and streamlined process.


Simplify invoicing and billing procedures for clients using our classroom management software. Configure tax codes, payment terms, and invoice instructions to ensure clients receive their bills automatically, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

Course Management

The platform also enriches course administration capabilities. You can assign each course a unique title, identification number, and description. Additionally, customize course prerequisites, designate approved instructors, and set parameters such as pricing, minimum and maximum enrollment limits, and course duration, specifying start and end times for each day.

During course creation, you can also upload multimedia content like images and videos, which will display in a popup window when students interact with an event on the calendar.

Should you need to reschedule a training session, it’s a breeze. Simply drag and drop the event to the new date, and the system will automatically notify all registered participants and instructors on your behalf.

Moreover, the system incorporates a built-in certificate generator that instantly produces a certificate for each student upon successful course completion. Once generated, the system seamlessly updates the Training Record Management System by generating a training record for the specific course, ensuring that students’ records remain current.


Instructor Management

Managing instructors is a breeze with the Classroom Calendar feature. It empowers you to effortlessly assign and oversee your trusted classroom instructors, significantly reducing administrative tasks after the initial setup. Simply upload their details once, and subsequently select them from a dropdown menu.

Once an instructor is assigned to a course, they receive automatic notifications prompting them to confirm their availability for each session. This streamlined instructor management interface ensures that instructors are never double-booked or assigned courses they aren’t certified to teach.

With a quick log-in, instructors can access a comprehensive list of their assigned courses and review any pending confirmations. It’s a seamless experience that promotes organization and optimism for the future.


Instructor Dashboard

The instructor dashboard equips your team of educators with comprehensive insights and tools to elevate the learning journey. Offering full control, instructors can effortlessly drag and drop course assets onto the main screen, granting students immediate access to videos and PowerPoints on their tablets.

Our software enables instructors to seamlessly integrate quizzes into the student zone. As students finish the quizzes, the aggregated results are showcased on the dashboard, offering invaluable insights to the instructor. This empowers them to pinpoint areas of the course material that demand further attention and emphasis.


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