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Custom eLearning Development

Course Development

Drastically improve your training courses with the BIS Course Development Team

Course Development

Developing eLearning content is a meticulous process that demands attention and time. Yet, it’s possible to expedite this process without sacrificing quality. By partnering with our team of experts, you gain the freedom to focus on overarching goals. BIS specializes in ensuring that the specifics of your training sessions, courses, and videos are customized to fit your organization’s needs, allowing you to concentrate on strategic planning.

How is BIS Course Development Different?

We Make Your Course and You Maintain Ownership of All Materials!

eLearning Development Options

Choose your own development

Level 1 - Basic Course

Basic course development is the most cost-effective route for crafting your course or orientation program. Including:

Level 2 - Enhanced Course

Enhanced course development is appropriate for courses or orientations that require more sophisticated features. Including:

Level 3 - Advanced Course

Advanced course development is perfect if you are looking for the highest quality and most engaging training courses. Including:

Course Development Samples

Samples of 3D Animation

Stages in the Course Development Process

Discovery Meeting

The first step in creating your course is to conduct a meeting to understand your specific needs. This involves working closely with you to comprehend fully your vision for the course or orientation. In this stage, we will also explore any materials you already possess and would like to use.

Initial Pricing Estimate

After our initial discussion, our team will draft a detailed estimate and forward it to you for consideration. We are committed to full transparency about all expenses involved and welcome any further conversations once you've reviewed the estimate.

Writing the Script

Our skilled writers and editors will work to transform your script into reality. After understanding your vision, they will work in close collaboration with your team to develop a compelling script that lays the groundwork for the entire project.

Professional Voiceover

After the script has been created and received your approval, we will present you with a variety of voice samples for your consideration. You can then let us know which voice style suits your course or orientation best, and we'll arrange for the chosen voice actor to record your script.


Our team will develop a storyboard for any video or photography content and conduct a thorough review with you before moving forward with the production phase. We are committed to efficient workflows and the creation of premium quality content, with the storyboard serving as a critical tool to guarantee a seamless production process.

Photography & Filming

Our development team is happy to undertake video shoots, photography sessions, or a combination of both for your project. We'll work together to select an appropriate location for these sessions and guarantee that we have all the required resources on hand to facilitate a smooth operation. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the outstanding quality of our production work.

Editing & Graphics

Should your project necessitate motion graphics and animations, our specialized team of motion graphics designers stands ready to enhance your course or orientation with bespoke designs. Following this, we will compile the graphics, video/photos, text, and voice-over into a preliminary version for your evaluation.


Throughout the development process, your input is invaluable, especially during the final review stages. This is when you'll have the chance to see the entire course or orientation. Our team is ready to implement any adjustments required to ensure the end product perfectly matches your vision.

Finished Course

At this point, you're equipped to either commence training within your organization or offer the course for commercial sale. Full ownership of all produced materials, such as videos, photographs, scripts, and graphics, is transferred to you. We ensure that you're not tied to us for future alterations or updates, granting you total independence with the course content.

BIS Course Development

Allow our team to take on the heavy lifting and develop training courses that will captivate and equip your team!