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Safety Management System

Safety Management Software

Improve your OHS program with a cloud based safety app!

safety management software on mobile

Online Safety & Training Compliance

Everything on a convenient user-friendly platform!

Through the BIStrainer system, you can access an extensive array of features crafted to improve your safety, training, and compliance efforts. Irrespective of your position — be it Safety Manager, Training Leader, Human Resources, Frontline Supervisor, employee, or contingent worker — it is crucial to use a dependable system that effortlessly raises awareness, monitors incidents, and manages your training programs.

Your Safety Program - Improved

Efficiently organize and oversee hazard documentation.

Effectively monitor and document incidents, as well as capture valuable lessons learned.

Create effective strategies for responding to incidents.

Effortlessly oversee preparations for audits and ensure compliance.

Generate personalized inspection forms to track compliance effectively.

Consolidate asset management for safety, equipment, and work assets in one central location.

safety management software on a tablet and mobile UK
online training within the safety management software

Improve Company Training

Improve training compliance through straightforward monitoring and reporting procedures.

Access an online catelogue of over 1800 courses on safety and soft skills

Select from various subscription packages containing hundreds of courses

Upload your own training materials to suit your needs

Quickly upload and arrange training records

Enhance the administration of instructor-led training

Assess employee performance through on-the-job competency tracking

Conduct toolbox talks with digital tools to improve team safety

Fulfill training and digital forms through a mobile application

safety management software

Effective Safety Management Software

The BIStrainer Safety Management System provides countless features for optimizing your EHS program. It simplifies and arranges risk assessments, site inspection forms, field-level hazard assessments, and incident reports effortlessly. Additionally, it incorporates equipment/asset management and preventive maintenance reports. And don’t worry, we haven’t overlooked training; it also encompasses a comprehensive Learning Management Program. Simplifying the management of your safety program has never been more straightforward!

Improve Your Hazard Assessments

Key Features

Tailorable templates including risk analysis, control measures, hazard types, legislation, and necessary training

Automate hazard reviews and assessments

See all edits made with tracked changes

Filtering available to show different hazard assessment forms

Efficiently manage and update hazard information.


You can verify compliance achieved through the review and monitoring of hazard assessments

Introduce appropriate control measures for mitigating risks

Easily identify company-wide hazards, risks, and gaps

You can easily make corrections to the forms

Audits are easier with the history of changes

Effective management of hazard and risk controls is pivotal for a successful health and safety program, and software is transforming its administration. Regardless of the terminology employed (FLHAs, FLRAs, SHA’s, JHA’s, or JSA’s), our system provides adaptable solutions to address all types. Our contemporary forms and tools simplify the generation, monitoring, documentation, and reporting of hazards. By leveraging our system, you can rely on employees to promptly recognize and evaluate suitable hazard controls, promoting a healthy and safe workplace. Stay proactive against incidents by detecting hazards early. Discover the diverse features and advantages outlined below.


Workplace inspections can come in many forms, including equipment, site, and task assessments, both internal and external. BIStrainer is a versatile tool and system that enables personalized forms, facilitating swift and effortless inspection management.

Key Features

Generate, craft, and implement a variety of inspection categories

Automate inspection assignments, offering flexibility according to roles, equipment, location, and asset grouping

Tailor workflows for task assignment, approvals, and form adjustments, with varying frequencies

Record diverse aspects of the inspection, encompassing chemical, biological, ergonomic, physical, and psychosocial workplace hazards

Gather data like inventory, site maps, supporting documents, equipment details, frequency, and other checklists

Easy to use tools ensure consistency throughout your company's safety program

safety management software on a tablet and mobile UK


Gather inspection information such as the status of completion, individual in charge, actions taken for correction, classifications of risks, subsequent follow-ups, alerts, notifications, and the inspection methodology

Receive immediate access to detailed form information

Gain up-to-the-minute understanding of advancements and gaps identified

Optimized digital inspections for a contemporary approach

Create and tailor inspection forms efficiently to meet particular requirements

Automate and adapt task assignments for increased efficiency

Utilize rollup reporting for a rapid assessment of compliance and the overall condition of the inspection initiative

Employ advanced reporting capabilities for precise filtering and in-depth analysis of data

incident management software on tablet and mobile

Incident Management Software

The incident management software from BIS offers an all-encompassing solution for gathering incident data, conducting root cause analyses, implementing corrective measures, and issuing notifications. It has the capability to integrate seamlessly with your entire system, streamlining the process of demonstrating your commitment to diligence. An automated incident management system can identify patterns, paving the way for intelligent corrective actions that enhance overall safety.


  • Gather incident information, including photos, statements, location, and regulatory details
  • Ensure confidentiality through varied access levels and permissions
  • Tailor data fields and reports to facilitate root cause analysis
  • Automate workflow processes using notifications, reminders, and task escalation
  • Effectively oversee corrective actions and monitor their progress
  • Configure specific notifications to target relevant stakeholders
  • Create prebuilt or personalized reports with comprehensive auditing trails
  • Utilize a user-friendly tool that is compatible with mobile devices
  • Monitor incidents and recognize patterns
  • Quickly retrieve incident details
  • Deliver timely updates to senior management
  • Centralize and secure data effectively
  • Utilize robust reporting tools for comprehensive root cause analysis
  • Standardize the management of incidents
  • Promote a safety culture to safeguard people, assets, and the environment
  • Streamline processes to prevent data loss
  • Track workflow efficiently with audit trails

Competency Assessments

Effectively handling employee qualifications in high-risk settings is essential for mitigating risks. Our system has the capability to deliver competency assessments specifically crafted to demonstrate proficiency to all stakeholders.


  • Streamline onboarding processes by implementing orientation programs and efficient content management
  • Efficiently load and attach records in various formats using approval workflows
  • Centralize training content, courses, and exams for easy access
  • Automate workflows for expiry notifications, record approval, assigned training, and report generation
  • Utilize prebuilt templates for performance assessments, educational Toolbox/Safety talks, and additional information
  • Access a library of over 1700 courses to address any knowledge gaps
  • Manage your company’s training and content independently
  • Create, deploy, and monitor employee evaluations and competency assessments
  • Generate on-the-fly reports to identify both qualified and unqualified employees



  • Enhance overall company performance by minimizing risks
  • Improve reporting capabilities to monitor training objectives and pinpoint gaps or risks
  • Assign training flexibly according to employee, department, and organizational requirements
  • Provide user-friendly tools and on-demand access for efficient record management and training completion
  • Create and deploy training materials with increased efficiency
  • Elevate employee engagement within the organization
  • Explore a comprehensive training program and accompanying tools
  • Centralize all training content and records within a unified system
competency assessment on tablet

Asset Management

Diverse forms of asset tracking are available, encompassing vehicles, mobile equipment like forklifts and lifts, safety essentials such as fire extinguishers and gas monitors, specialized tools, non-mobile assets, and technological devices like phones and laptops. The system is versatile, capable of managing all categories of assets, providing flexibility for organizations regardless of their size.

Reporting & Analytics

 BIS provides an all-encompassing tool that facilitates valuable insights, fostering improved decision-making. Effective reporting and analytics for Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) contribute to a heightened level of clarity and comprehension regarding crucial data.

analytics and safety data
Field level hazard assessment on a worksite

Audits Simplified

With BIStrainer’s digital audit tool, ensuring successful audits has never been easier. Streamline and digitize your audit processes with our efficient inspection tool.

Safety Management Tools

All the safety management tools necessary to managing your safety program

With the BIStrainer system, you have the flexibility to customize your approach, selecting the necessary tools for managing your safety program and adjusting them as your program evolves and grows.

safety management software
  • Create tailored courses and certifications to meet specific needs
  • Efficiently manage training administration for a streamlined process
  • Craft assessments and surveys designed for both staff and contractors
  • Obtain comprehensive reports and analytics regarding employee training
  • Introduce a rewards system to encourage and incentivize continuous learning
  • Streamline the upload of records from diverse systems with efficiency
  • Swiftly eliminate any duplicate records in the system
  • Use reports to promptly identify gaps in training
  • Effectively manage the training matrix for enhanced organization
  • Keep track of driver profiles and ensure their maintenance
  • The tool is accessible to administrators, instructors, and students alike
  • Administrators are responsible for managing instructor schedules and qualifications
  • Instructors oversee registrations, content, and resources within the system
  • Students can access their schedules, records, and certifications through the tool
  • Efficiently handle diverse training methods such as face-to-face, online, and hybrid
  • Conduct exams seamlessly, incorporating virtual proctoring into the process
  • Access readily available form templates
  • Create, customize, assign, and deploy forms covering diverse safety topics
  • Examples encompass hazard/FLHA forms, toolbox/safety talks, inspections, performance assessments, audits, incidents, and additional categories
  • Effectively manage various safety and compliance forms by giving access to an entire folder
  • Implement automated workflows for reviewing, approving, and obtaining signoffs on forms within folders
  • Guarantee secure, safe, and easily accessible forms
  • Assign digital access and permissions strategically
  • Generate reports on compliance and monitor the audit history efficiently
  • Efficiently manage equipment by establishing clear categories
  • Connect inspections and training directly to the relevant assets
  • Effectively assign tasks to handle equipment with precision
  • The established categories encompass:
    • Technology (e.g., laptops, cellphones, monitors) Safety (e.g., fire extinguishers, AED’s, gas monitors)
    • Mobile/vehicles (e.g., forklifts, skid steer, boats, aerial and scissor lifts)
    • Specialized equipment (e.g., ground detection equipment, emergency response equipment)
Client Feedback

Client Feedback on the BIStrainer System

“A simple, user-friendly interface that provides excellent training record management, helping employers everywhere to exercise their due diligence with respect to documenting important training records. The online store and courses that are available as part of your subscription are timely and relevant...”
Farzad K.
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
"BIS has developed a user-friendly, easy to understand learning platform that helps your organization measure its KPIs towards training compliance. Features such as training gap reports and automated reporting emails has helped Leadership take the initiative on monitoring their teams overall training compliance...”
Rebecca R.
HSE Advisor, Jacos
"I have been in this industry for quite some time, and I have never experienced better customer service than I’ve experienced with Kaitlin... She is a fantastic ambassador for BIS, and represents your company exceptionally well.”
Sean Y.
Project Manager

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Safety Management Software

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