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Transform your corporate safety into a mobile experience with SafeTapp!


Presenting SafeTapp: The Ultimate EHS and Training App for All Your Requirements!

Attain your primary health and safety objectives effortlessly using SafeTapp, the comprehensive EHS App accessible on mobile devices.

Now, managing training records, safety forms, company policies, and more is just a tap away.

Training certificates can be accessed and provided anywhere your team has their mobile device and a connection. Say goodbye to storing numerous training cards in wallets; everything can be digitally stored and presented as needed.

Download SafeTapp now to securely keep all your training certificates on any smartphone or tablet.

SafeTapp is the application that secures your records, enables offline form access, and brings your safety goals within easy reach.

Together, let’s prioritize safety personally, one tap at a time.

Equipment and Asset Management Software on mobile
Introducing SafeTapp: The Last EHS and Training App

Training Records on Your Mobile

SafeTapp provides confidence that you have current and compliant training records. The system proactively alerts team members about impending expirations and necessary training. Any recently finished training will seamlessly synchronize with the app, and your uploaded certifications will instantly update the system.

Effortlessly monitor the status of your employee and contractor’s records by scanning the QR codes on their certificates, keeping you informed about successful training, ongoing training, approaching expiration, or expired records, regardless of your location.

Training Certificates

Your mobile devices are practically inseparable companions. Thanks to SafeTapp, your valuable training certifications can now be right there with you.

Dealing with physical certificates and paper documentation for training can be a hassle for both employers and workers. It’s not only inconvenient but also expensive and time-consuming. Fear not! SafeTapp is here to simplify and add a touch of magic to your smartphone or tablet.

As you accrue more training and certifications, effortlessly upload them onto SafeTapp. It’s as simple as taking a quick snapshot. Utilize the certificate uploader feature, input a few essential details, capture a picture of your certificate, and presto! Everything securely resides in the cloud, readily accessible on your device. SafeTapp streamlines the certification process, providing a seamless experience and ensuring peace of mind. Embrace the convenience, embrace the future.

Digital Validation

With the power of QR code technology, you can effortlessly authenticate employee badges and records in mere seconds. By simply scanning the QR code on a ticket, you’ll instantly gain access to vital details about the record, including the certificate number, completion date, expiry date, pass mark, and ID verification status. Furthermore, you have the option to provide your employees with badges featuring QR codes, enabling you to effortlessly scan them and obtain a comprehensive list of their training records.

SafeTapp by BIS Safety Software UK
Even in scenarios where QR codes are not readily accessible, manual verification remains a viable option. Whether armed with the certificate number or user ID, you can effortlessly access a comprehensive list of an employee’s training history. Subsequently, you can seamlessly explore each record for additional details and acquire copies of the certificates.

Customized Branding to Mirror Your Company's Identity

SafeTapp version 2.0 is the safety app crafted exclusively for YOU. You have the ability to personalize this app to suit your needs.
To showcase our commitment, we are excited to present you with the chance to personalize the app’s branding by integrating your company logo and colours.
customizable safety forms

Online Form Creation

Craft your personalized digital forms within minutes or choose from our assortment of pre-made templates. These forms are easily accessible to your team members anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection. Specifically tailored for field use, they facilitate efficient completion of diverse custom forms like incident investigations, hazard assessments, daily toolbox talks, competency validations, and more. Additionally, effortlessly capture photos, videos, and other data, even offline. Our system ensures you stay current with real-time incident reporting, receive prompt alerts, and stay informed through notifications. Embrace the evolution of digital safety forms.

smartphone with online folders for storing policies and employee documents

Online Folders - Cloud Storage

The cutting-edge Digital Folder System allows you and your team to easily retrieve crucial company policies, lockout procedures, equipment manuals, and nearly anything else you need to store in a central location. Upload these documents in PDF, Word, and Excel formats, and your entire team, or selected personnel can access them through Safetapp or the browser application.

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