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Online Induction and Orientation Software

Online Induction Software

Get your team up to speed quickly and maximize productivity!

online induction system on a work computer

Online Induction Software

✔ Employees can swiftly register with an effortless sign-up

✔ Information is securely stored in an online database

✔ Integrates smoothly with your payroll and HR systems

✔ Guarantees participant identification through virtual proctoring

✔ Enjoy unlimited customer support whenever you need

✔ Applicable for both employees and contractors alike

✔ Gain access to sophisticated reporting tools for detailed analytics

Enhancing Workforce Onboarding

Unlocking the full potential of your team starts with effective digital onboarding processes. Successfully implemented, online inductions provide new hires with invaluable insights into company culture, policies, procedures, and expectations—all easily accessible at the touch of a button.

To cater to the diverse needs of both seasoned professionals and newcomers, organizations must embrace versatile learning methodologies. Implementing online induction tools compatible with mobile and desktop platforms enables companies to deliver engaging content and vital updates to experienced personnel, while equipping new team members with comprehensive knowledge for a swift transition. This progressive approach to employee onboarding is proving remarkably efficient, yielding significant improvements in induction outcomes.

A Seamless Switch to Digital Inductions

Online Employee Inductions

Easily Create Your Custom Online Induction!

Using the BIStrainer online induction software, crafting your induction program is a breeze. With it, you can effortlessly assemble:

  ✔  Images

✔  Interactive exercises

  ✔  Videos

  ✔  Presentations

  ✔  Plus more

You can also conveniently capture photos and videos directly from your mobile device at your work locations and seamlessly integrate them into your inductions.

Additional Features

Document Management within Inductions

Utilize our cutting-edge document management system, enabling new team members to seamlessly upload essential documents like tax forms, direct deposit details, training records, HR paperwork, and beyond, directly into the orientation platform. Once submitted, these completed and signed documents are securely stored within their profile, triggering instant notifications to supervisors or managers. This convenient functionality not only streamlines administrative tasks but also enhances the onboarding experience, minimizes paper usage, and ultimately contributes to significant time and cost savings for your organization.

Mobile App for Safety Management with Digital Folders.
virtual proctoring software

Participation Verification

To guarantee the correct individual completes the induction and testing, our system provides virtual proctoring services. Through webcams, virtual proctoring allows employees to verify their identification during the course. The software ensures continuous engagement from the employee throughout, reducing the likelihood of any unethical attempts to bypass the system. By integrating virtual proctoring, you can identify potential ethical concerns among workers before they manifest on-site. Furthermore, this technology promotes attentiveness to the content being presented, enhancing overall comprehension.

Online Inductions - Benefits

Reduced Costs

Transitioning your induction process online translates to savings on travel expenses, classroom rentals, and instructor fees. Moreover, it enables employees to undertake the majority of their training remotely, maximizing their productive hours. This shift yo onlinr often results in notable returns on investment (ROI).

Improved Efficiency

Migrating inductions online streamlines what was once a complex process. During the induction, employees or contractors can seamlessly complete HR forms, which are then automatically routed to the relevant departments.

Consistent Experience

While in-person instructors may rush through certain topics or dwell excessively on others, online content ensures consistency. Rest assured that each new employee receives an identical training experience upon arrival at the site.

More Convenient

Online inductions empower employees to complete their onboarding from any location, whether it's on-site or remotely. Additionally, they can be seamlessly integrated with in-class or in-field training for a blended learning experience. This approach provides flexibility and convenience for all participants involved.

Ready to Start?

Our Online Induction software, when combined with our Digital Forms, LMS, and Folders modules, offers customized induction programs.

Get started in only three steps:

Step 1 – Contact Us

When you’re prepared to begin using Online Inductions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and convey your interest. They’re available to address any inquiries you may have and initiate the process.

Step 2 – We Activate Your Portal

Once our team helps you get started, you’ll have the opportunity to create customized inductions for any purpose and familiarize yourself with the system’s features as you progress.

Step 3 – Professional Onboarding

Our team of professionals will lead you through your custom portal and show you how to take advantage of the features to get started with online employee and contractor inductions

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