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Blended Learning

Online & Classroom Training

Blended Learning​

Combining online and practical training, blended learning is a clever approach that teaches all types of learners. This clever blend merges theory and practice, making the training more effective overall. By using this method, organizations can benefit from the flexibility and convenience of online training while still reaping the advantages of hands-on learning.

Blended learning benefits:

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For the leaders of an organization, blended training presents a responsive and cost-effective solution to train the entire workforce.
For supervisors, blended learning offers a practical way to ensure consistent delivery of training materials.
For workers, blended learning provides the flexibility to choose suitable timings and adapt the training to their unique learning styles and existing knowledge.

Blended Learning​

Despite the evident advantages of mixed learning, certain organizations may find it difficult without the right software and courses. It can be time-consuming to determine the optimal combination of online and classroom learning that maximizes the strengths of each setting. Identifying the most suitable technology to seamlessly merge the online experience with that of the classroom is often one of the primary obstacles. That’s why we designed a purpose-built system. It is more adept at accommodating blended learning compared to modifying an outdated program to align with the evolving requirements of a company.

BISTrainer effortlessly combines internet lessons with classroom teaching, enabling you to

Maintain Records

Oversee and uphold the training records of each person in both classroom and online sessions using our integrated system for managing training records.

Establish Mandatory Training

Implement mandatory training programs tailored to everyone’s company position and geographical location, encompassing both online modules and traditional classroom sessions.

Plan and Arrange Classroom Education

Plan educational sessions, book classrooms, assign teachers, and register students while effortlessly handling all the particulars in our classroom timetable.

Craft and Present Digital Material

Craft personalized online lessons tailored to the specific requirements of your company, while gaining entry to a centralized course collection designed by renowned specialists from all over the nation.

Design Tailor-Made Documents

Design bespoke online documents for various purposes, such as assessments and appraisals.

Cutting-Edge Features

Our state-of-the-art safety solution offers advanced functions to support blended learning programs effectively:

Classroom Schedule

Easily schedule classroom training events with our user-friendly calendar software. Simply drag and drop to designate a classroom, assign an instructor, and enroll students with just a few clicks.

Role-based Training

Save time by assigning training to specific groups of individuals based on their roles within the company.

Pre-Study Option

Assign online course content for students to study before attending a classroom training event.

Registration Alerts

Ensure attendance by sending automated registration alerts and reminder notifications to participants, along with Google Map links for easy navigation.

Competency Validation

Link a competency validation form directly to an online course, ensuring learners complete both successfully before receiving a course completion certificate.

In-Class Online Option

Facilitate group training with online courses in the same classroom, managing and overseeing the learning process effectively.

Automated Record Upload

Allow individuals to upload their training records from various sources, whether online, in-class sessions, or third-party training.

Exam Engine

Test employees' knowledge using our integrated exam engine, creating randomized questionnaires and answers for comprehensive assessments.

Survey Builder

Collect valuable feedback from participants through customized surveys, enabling open-ended responses about the courses.

Virtual Proctoring

Verify the identity of learners completing online coursework by requiring webcam and photo identification for authentication and completion.

Resource Sharing

Upload additional print materials to supplement online content or for use during in-class training sessions.

Course Bundling

Combine multiple online courses to create comprehensive training programs that complement in-class sessions.

Classroom Profile

Provide detailed information about venue features, including address, room capacity, muster points, designated parking areas, washroom locations, and available equipment.

Instructor Manager

Identify and appoint approved instructors, mentors, or coaches, upload their training records, and assign them specific courses they are certified to teach.

Form Builder

Effortlessly design hazard assessment forms or audits using customizable fields and a drag-and-drop interface, assigning them as needed for practical training assessments in different applications.

Blended learning

Embrace the best of both worlds by utilizing our software solution to make blended learning a success for you and your organization.